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Upcoming activities (Women in Green)

From: Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)

Dear Friends,

With the Pope's visit in Jerusalem and the upcoming trip of Netanyahu to the US, the battle for the Land of Israel and against the creation of a PLO State in our Biblical homeland is reaching a high.

Below are a list of activities taking place in the next few days.
We call upon all to participate in as many events as you can.

With Love for Israel,

Nadia Matar, Women in Green
Yehudit Katzover, Kiryat Arba Hevron Action Committee


What can we tell you? You all are so great! The outpour of reactions to our Women in Green email a few days ago calling upon you to sponsor buses was overwhelming!! Friends of Israel from Israel, Australia, USA, Italy, France, England, Canada, etc., emailed us and pledged to sponsor full or partial ads on buses; ads that will counter the unbearable pressure put on the Prime Minister by the Israeli Left calling him to capitulate to the Arab enemy.

Thanks to all of you, the bus campaign will please G-d start on Sunday morning with 90 buses! Yes...Ninety!!
Fifty buses in Tel Aviv and 40 buses in Jerusalem will drive around all day long with a huge ad at the back strengthening the Prime Minister to stay strong and safeguard the Land of Israel. The translation of the Hebrew ad reads as follows:

for our sake and for the sake of the future generations

History will remember you as a strong leader
that does not cave in nor capitulate

To see the ad that will be put on the back of the buses please click on:

One can still donate for more buses by sending your check to
Women in Green, POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072
Please add a note saying that the check is for the "Safeguard Israel bus campaign"

Please read, sign and send out this petition without delay!

Everyone on this list knows the dangers of a "Palestinian" Arab state to the Jewish Nation. Every person on this list understands that we must act and we must act now to oppose an Arab state in the heartland of Israel.

Susie Dym of Matot Arim and Robin Ticker, an activist in New York, have written the following petition to the major Orthodox Jewish Organizations and media outlets in the US. We might be able to appeal to their religious conscience to help build a campaign against a "Palestinian" Arab State. The major point of the petition is to build a database of people and synagogues; this is crucial.

Here is the petition:

After signing it, please forward this email to everyone on your list, and ask them to do the same!

Let's reach 10,000 names by Yom Yerushalayim.

Thank you,
Yosef Rabin
Ted Belman
+1 416 784 5738

As we all know, the Pope's visit to Jerusalem is not an innocent visit but rather an anti-Israel statement and maybe even a visit to try and take away from us areas in Jerusalem and in the Galil. In addition, we will not forgive nor forget that Pope Benedict, who in his youth was a member of the Hitler youth, has pardoned bishops who are anti-semitic holocaust deniers. In one word, the Pope is certainly not a friend of Israel.

Women in Green calls upon all to join the grassroots quite interesting protest called for by "Generation to Generation" who are spreading thousands of emails calling upon all of us to protest by honking for a full minute at the exact time hat the Pope will start his speech at Yad Vashem:
Their email reads as follows:

Pope Benedict will be arriving in Israel this coming Monday May 11 2009, honored guest of the Government of Israel.

* This is the Pope who returned blatant and unashamed Holocaust denying Bishops to the Catholic fold: when there was a backlash of criticism, he did not rescind his decision, but only reluctantly stalled the process.
* This is the Pope who called upon countries who had decided to boycott the Durban 2 conference because of Antisemitic and Holocaust Denying messages, to reconsider their boycott. When representatives of countries
who did attend recognized their mistake as Ahmadinajad began his hate filled ravings and quit the hall, the representatives of Pope Benedictus 16 remained in attendance.

This Pope will be arriving in Israel this coming Monday May 11 2009. He will begin to speak at Yad Vashem, the place sanctified to the memory of six million murdered Jews of the Holocaust at 17:50, as if he has turned a new leaf, and turned away from the historic antisemitism of the Church. We must demonstrate that we are not and will not be fooled by empty gestures of a leader who supports Holocaust Deniers and blatant Antisemites.

At 18:00 exactly this comming Monday May 11 2009, while the Pope is speaking at Yad Vashem, we ask that everyone honk their car horns for 1 full minute, making our protest heard, wherever you are in Israel.

We will not forget.

Generation to Generation: Bearers of the Holocaust and Heroism Legacy

Criminal accusation against the Pope:

Women in Green call upon all to join the aliya to Chomesh this coming TUESDAY May 12.
Main event at 4:30pm- Rally with MK's, Rabbis and public figures.
For info contact: 03-9368146 or
Organized by Chomesh Techilla with the local council of Shomron. Protection by the IDF.

Yesterday Friday tens of us went up to Shdema to listen to Rabbi Sharbaf's shiur on the centrality of the Land of Israel in the life of the Jewish People. Our weekly events in Shdema are very important for safeguarding the place in Jewish hands. Next Friday, May 15th, there will be a lecture in Hebrew by Yehuda Etzion on "Bar Kochva, Rabbi Akiva, Destruction and Redemption".

Please mark your calendar that the week after that, May 22nd, will be Jerusalem Day and in Shdema we will hold a special and festive morning with Naomi Shemer songs sung by Dudu Elharar and a lecture by Israel Prize winner Geula Cohen. A morning in Shdema not to be missed!!

For Rivka Rybacks pictures from Shdema:

Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)
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