Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Temple Mount Aliyah

*Temple Mount Aliyah

Har Habayit Visitor Guide

Har Habayit is the physical center of our faith and the symbol of our national hopes and aspirations. Yet, most Jews have never been there.

In order to strengthen our connection to the holiest place on earth, Kumah created this web site in order to make it easier for Jews to visit Har Habayit in the religiously correct way. We encourage everyone to study this guide and to contribute more to it. We hope that every Jews will visit Har Habayit, and visit again, and thereby help to return Har Habayit to the centrality it deserves.

Temple Institute - Frequently Asked Questions (translated by Kumah)

Hamikdash - Frequently Asked Questions

We will be filling this web page with many more links and pictures in the coming days and weeks.

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