Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Abraham's Tent

As a Christian-Zionist, I recognize what Jews and Christians share in common: our Judeo-Christian heritage. As we share in mutual biblical interests, I would expect to be able to freely discuss, engage in scintillating dialogue, hearty fellowship, proper debate and honest disagreement in Abraham's tent.
It grieves me to see so much anti-Semitism in many forums I participate in, yet God knows I do my best to counter it in my defense of Jews, Israelis and the Jewish homeland, the Promised Land of Israel. Such folks usually consider me a dupe for Jews, or blather that I am really a Jew pretending to be a Christian, and other conspiracy ideas.
It grieves me to see the same mentality, the same bullying tactics of usually one troubled soul inciting others to gang up against me, in Jewish or Mideast forums. They are no better than the anti-Semites. When one examines my posts, they will find Jewish/Israeli/Christian-Zionist issues addressing biblical topics such as the Temple Mount, the Third Temple, the Yitzhak Rabin assassination controversy, aliyah, the Lost Ten Tribes (hastening the process of redemption), Vatican efforts to undermine Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem, Israeli defense, etc. What sane Jew or Israeli would object to such relevant topics?
Since my topics are clearly relevant to whatever forum I'm on, then such desperate folks who exhibit an unwarranted hatred against me, who engage in an irrational crusade against me, must resort to questioning my motivation to promote their conspiracy ideas of some secret agenda. I have none. I am open and honest, unlike them. None of my posts are "missionary," as they very well know. All of my posts are clearly based upon Israeli/Jewish/Christian-Zionist issues and concerns. Abraham would rebuke those who would so mistreat his guests. Let us bless Israel and those who would bless Israel together.

Christian Zionists believe and support the fulfillment of the many prophecies that foretold the restoration of Jews from all over the world to the Promised Land of Israel. Christian Zionists oppose those who would seek to undermine or destroy the Jewish Homeland for the myth of Palestine that is against the Word and Will of God.

Christian Zionists put many Jews and Israelis to shame, especially those who remain in a self-imposed exile contrary to the clear teachings of Judaism and those like Shimon Peres who are out in left field and would surrender Jerusalem to sworn enemies if the price is right.

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