Thursday, February 08, 2007

No Negotiations Regarding Mt. Zion - lies, lies, lies!

No Negotiations Regarding Mt. Zion

12:43 Feb 07, '07 / 19 Shevat 5767

( Minister Yaakov Edry says that contacts will not be held with the Vatican over the transfer of the David's Tomb complex on Jerusalem's Mt. Zion.

Despite the repeated requests by the Vatican, Edry said that Israel views the area as totally Israel and will not hold talks on the matter.

Edry was responding to a Knesset query submitted by MK Yaakov Amsalem of United Torah Judaism.


Why am I reminded of the worthless "reasurrances" Yitzhak Rabin gave about the guns Israel provided the PLO would not be used against Jews? He promised there was "no danger" and stated that the Palestinian Arabs "know very well that if they use these guns against us once, at that moment the Oslo Accord will be annulled and the IDF will return to all the places that have been given to them."

The so-called Holy See and the State of Israel are engaging in treacherous talks about Mt. Zion and Israeli collaborators are even agreeing to submit to UN Resolution 181 that will strip Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem and supplant it with German-Jesuit puppets.

Jerusalem is going to suffer EU/UN occupation!

Startling review of the Vatican Agenda

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