Friday, June 09, 2006

Gaza has got to go!

Al Qaeda Takes Root in PA as Arabs Smuggle in 11 Tons of TNT
18:27 Jun 07, '06 / 11 Sivan 5766
by Scott Shiloh

GSS chief Yuval Diskin told a Knesset committee that ?World Jihad? was taking root in the PA. Smuggling has placed another 11 tons of TNT and 10,000 rifles at its disposal for attacking Israel.

Gaza is an armed fortress ready to wage war against Israel and the IDF sits by patiently, waiting, for what? To enable mass murderers to spill more Jewish blood and steal more Jewish lives? Has the Israeli oligarchy already completely sold out to their Euro-Nazi masters that they're restraining Israeli forces from fulfilling their duty to protect the Jewish homeland?

Napoleon understood what some refuse to acknowledge: "The logical end to defensive warfare is surrender."

Shimon Peres and criminal company are setting the stage for EU intervention to "save" Israel. The end of Israeli sovereignty gets closer by the day.

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